Low-performing students at age 15, by country

Source: OECD PISA 2012

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After getting your data into long format:

     Country         Subject Total   OECD
1    OECD average    Math     23.0      1
2  Shanghai-China    Math      3.8      0
3       Singapore    Math      8.3      0
4 Hong Kong-China    Math      8.5      0
5           Korea    Math      9.1      0
6         Estonia    Math     10.5      0

geom_bar(stat="identity", aes(fill=as.factor(OECD))) +
ggtitle("% of low-performing students at age 15, by country: Mathematics")+
scale_fill_manual(values=c("red","#990000"))+ #33CC00 3399FF
geom_text(aes(label =paste(round(Total,0),"%",sep=""),ymax=0),
position=position_dodge(width=0.9), vjust=0.35, hjust=-0.5)+
ylab(" ")+


Author: acarioli

is a researcher at the Geography and Environment department of the University of Southampton, WorldPop project team. She is also affiliated researcher at CED, UAB and Dondena Centre. Her interests include spatial econometrics and modeling, bayesian methods, machine learning processes, forecasting, micro-data simulation, and data visualization. Demo-traveler, Mac enthusiast, R zealot and Rladies member.