Comparing the composition of population aged 80 years old and above

Data Input:

USA: 1st April 2010 Census

Italy: EUROSTAT population 1st January 2000-2017

China: 1st November 2010 Census

Personal elaboration of data: 2020 mid year population by sex and age and age-group

Comparing the proportion of population aged 80 and above in different countries.

  • USA

Screenshot 2020-03-23 10.57.20

  • China


  • USA, Italy, and China using Italy’s color palette range:

Author: acarioli

is a researcher at the Geography and Environment department of the University of Southampton, WorldPop project team. She is also affiliated researcher at CED, UAB and Dondena Centre. Her interests include spatial econometrics and modeling, bayesian methods, machine learning processes, forecasting, micro-data simulation, and data visualization. Demo-traveler, Mac enthusiast, R zealot and Rladies member.